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Horology (Clocks, Watches, Timekeeping)


Information categorised by subject. . Please mail if you know of online information not in these lists.

This field covers time, timekeeping, timekeepers, timestandards, clocks, watches etc.

    1. Govermental Organizations
    2. Membership Organizations
    3. Educational Organisations: Schools & Courses, Research Centers
    4. Educational Organisations: Horological Museums and Collections, Watch and Clock Museums (worldwide)
    5. Commercial Organizations: (incl. Companies and Businesses, Repairers, Suppliers etc)
    1. Electronic Information on Horology: Horological Homepages
    2. Electronic Information on Horology: e-mail adresses for cyber horologists
    3. Electronic Information on Horology: Other Electronic Media (Newsgroups, Directories, e-zines, Maillists, Bulletin Boards)
    4. Horological Periodicals (Magazines, Newsletters, Journals)
    5. Horological Libraries and Documentation Centers
    6. Horological Books (Publishers, Sellers, Booklists, Bibliographies, Reviews)
  3. TIMEPIECES (Clocks and Watches)
    1. Designing Timepieces
    2. Making Timepieces Timepieces
    3. Wholesaleing and Retailing Timepieces
    4. Repairing, Restoring and Conserving Timepieces
    5. Buy, Sell and Trade Timepieces
    6. Selling your timepieces
    7. Collecting Timepieces
    8. Information on specific Brands of Timepieces
    9. Information on specific Types of Timepieces
    10. Information on specific , unique timepieces
    1. Time Synchronisation & Timekeeping Standards
    2. Horological Software
    3. Horological Science Issues
    4. History of Horology
    5. Teaching about Time
    6. Related & Misc.Topics
    1. What time is it? US Naval Observatory (USA)
    2. Exact computer time set by modem
    3. The exact time by telephone (USA)
    4. All other time zones
    5. Timezone converter
    6. Misc. Locations around the world (also includes whimsical time dispays from around the world)

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