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Horology is the Science of Time, Timekeepers (Clocks, Watches) and Timekeeping

Wholesellers and Retailers of Antique and Vintage and Collectable Watches with an Internet presence

  1. Australia: Melbourne: Antiquorum Australia
  2. Australia: Melbourne: The Watchgallery
  3. Australia: Melbourne: Ferntree Gully / Melbourne Vintage Wristwatches
  4. Australia: Mebourne: Vintage Watches , a subsidiary of Antiquorum Australia
  5. Australia: Barry Parker
  6. Canada: Ontario:Toronto Horology
  7. Canada: Ontario:Toronto Northern Time
  8. Canada: Ontario: Toronto:Ashton-Blakey Collectibles
  9. Canada: Quebec: Montreal; Trebor's Vintage Watches
  10. Germany: Hamburg: Watch-my-Swatches (collectors store)
  11. Germany: Stuttgart: Uhren Haeffner
  12. Germany: Sylt: Gallerie 1900Dealer in vintage Watches
  13. Hong Kong: Moonphase Timepieces
  14. Hong Kong: Antique Watch Express
  15. Hong Kong: Moonphase Timepieces
  16. Netherlands: Dortrecht: Wil Kerkhof, Antique Timepieces
  17. Singapore: Time Antiques
  18. Switzerland: Basel: Terrance Howell, fine vintage timepieces
  19. Switzerland: Daniel Bosson
  20. UK:Sheffield Time Factor
  21. UK: London : Pieces of Time, includes an excellent searchable index of offerings
  22. UK: London : Pieces of Time (US Mirror site), includes searchable index of offerings
  23. UK: London: Timesetters (vintage Watches)
  24. UK: Location unknown: Robert Young, specialising in Pocket Watches
  25. UK: TIAS: The Internet Antique Shop, with search engine
  26. USA: Arizona: 'bout time'
  27. USA: Arizona: Tim SweetMy Own Sweet Time
  28. USA: Arkansas: Little Rock: Hanks Timeless Treasures Posting of Ads for collectible watches
  29. USA: CA: Daley City Kupfer Jewelery Center , alsovintage watches
  30. USA: CA: Felton: Watch-Watch, Mike Elmore
  31. USA: CA: Modesto: Modesto Horology
  32. USA: CA: Mill Valley: Bogoff Antique Timepieces (Steve Bogoff)
  33. USA: CA: Pleasanton, Vintage Watches: Timetracker, by Otto Schreiber
  34. USA: CA: Rancho Santa Fe: Vintage Time
  35. USA: CA: San Diego: Time Classics by A. Gunalp
  36. USA: CA: Pierson's Horological Service
  37. USA: CA: Salinas;Pocket Watcher, Perry Snider
  38. USA: CA: San Francisco: Don Levison Antique Horology
  39. USA: CA: Sherman Oaks: Pompadour's
  40. USA: CA: Sun City: R.W. Fletcher
  41. USA: CA: Pocket Watches (Perry and Rex Snyder)
  42. USA: CO: Denver: Right Time International Watch Center(Ross Hunter)
  43. USA: CO: PM Time Services, Antique and vintage watches
  44. USA: DC: Washington: Gold-n-Time Inc. Vintage Watches
  45. USA: FL: Coral Gabels: Timemerchants
  46. USA: FL: Lake Worth: Art of Time
  47. USA:FL: Tampa (& Wash.DC), Finer Times
  48. USA: IL: Allenville: Time Machine (specialising in Railroad Watches)
  49. USA: IL: Decatur: Pat's Antique Pocketwatches
  50. USA: IL: Chicago: Windy City Watches , Vintage Timepieces and Horological Bookstore
  51. USA: IL: Chicago: Old World Jewelers
  52. USA: IL: Decatur: USA Pocket Watches, Tom Chapman
  53. USA: IO: Marion: Harmening House
  54. USA: MA: Boston area:Joseph Conway, Horologist
  55. USA: MI: Brighton : Girard Sensoli, Vintage Watch dealer
  56. USA: MN :Minneapolis: Write Time (Max Smith)
  57. USA: MO; Bay St.LouisJoy and Mac's Vintage Pocketwatches, USA, Pocket Watches
  58. USA: MO: Grandview: Pawn World JewelersBuying and Loaning on Watches and Jewelery
  59. USA: MT: Bozeman: The Last Windup (David Berghold) Watch and Clock Dealer
  60. USA: NC: Raliegh Davis and Co.
  61. USA: NY: Bearsville: It's about Time (Alan Altman)
  62. USA: NY: New York: J&P TimepiecesDealer in vintage watches and Clocks, also repair and restoration
  63. USA: NY; New York: newyorktime (Carol Wood) Dealer in vintage wristwatches
  64. USA: NY: Wading River: Mark VIII Technology(Dealer in vintage watches, Hamilton Specialist)- Home page
  65. .... Mark VIII Technology(Watchnet listing)
  66. USA: Ohio: Time Again (Ronald Gaudette)
  67. USA: OK: Oklahoma CityEli's Pocket Watches,also fobs.
  68. USA: PA: New Kensington: Derek Vintage Watches
  69. USA: PA: PhiladelphiaAfter Seven (Vintage Wristwatches) Timothy Sanes,
  70. USA: TN: Clinton Marshall Vintage Timepieces
  71. USA: TN: Knoxville: Mackley, Estate Jewels and Watches
  72. USA: TX: Dallas: Wingates, lists of used classic watches for sale
  73. USA: TX: Corpus Christi: Texas TimeHome-Page. Dealer in vintage Timepieces
  74. USA: TX: Corpus Christi: Central Time (Ambrose Davlin)
  75. ..... Texas TimeListing
  76. USA: TX: Dallas, Bernard Enterprises (Dealer in Vintage and modern Watches)
  77. USA: VA: Charlottsville: The Collectable Watch Company (John deMatteo)
  78. USA: VA: Philomont: Stephen Miles, Antique Pocketwatches
  79. USA: Richmond: Old Father Time Samuel Cannan
  80. USA: VA: Virginia Beach: Clockworld (Oliver Perrault)
  81. USA: VA: Virginia Beach: Tom Mister Dealer and Service of vintage Watches - Home page
  82. USA: VA: Virginia Beach: The Gold MineDealer in vintage Jelwelry Watches - Home page
  83. USA:WA: Seattle, Gillis Vintage Watches
  84. USA: WA: Seatle: Roger's Fine Time, Vinatge Watch Sales
  85. USA: WI: Evansville: The Watch Store (Bruce Shawkey)
  86. ..... The Gold MineDealer in vintage Jelwelry Watches - Watchnet listing
  87. USA: The Internet: Watchguild, an internet multiple listing service for Vintage watches (mostly wristwatches)
  88. USA: ???, Incredible Collectable Clocks/Watches for sale
  89. USA:??? Got the Time?
  90. USA: ???, Reyn Hogan Antiques Watches for sale
  91. USA: ???, The Internet Antique Store Pat's Watches
  92. USA: ???. ??Watchfinder (Jeff Branum)
  93. USA:?? L and L Enterprises Metal Recovery, Inc. (buys watches for gold recovery)
  94. USA: ?? Equation of Time, Saleboard
  95. USA: ??,??: Timely Decisions, at Agora Antiques
  96. USA &Sweden: INTERNET: OldTimes Gregory Mogle
  97. ???" Internet: Internatonal Watch and Jewelery Guild, a service for trading vintage watches and estate jewelery, for subscribig members only
  98. ??: Clocks and Watches
  99. *** Dealers List by Watchnet

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