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Horology is the Science of Time, Timekeepers (Clocks, Watches) and Timekeeping

The History of Timekeeping

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General Subjects (History of Timekeeping):

  1. History of Timekeeping at the US Naval Observatory
  2. A Walk through Time
  3. History of Timekeeping Standards at the National Institute of Standards (NIST) USA
  4. History of Clockmaking in the Franche Compe (France: Besancon)
  5. Horological Heroes A picture gallery of the greatest horologists, compliments of Robert Terwilliger
  6. From Thales to Ptolemy, a brief history of Clocks, by Jesse Weissman
  7. French Clock dateing by Ken Rasmussen, courtesey of Mike Murray
  8. History of the Quartzwatch - a timeline
  9. A Transcription of Bond, Richard F. "Description of Bond's Isodynamic Escapement for Astronomical Clocks" As reprinted from Brunnow's Astronomical Notices, October, 1860, Courtesey of David Mac Millen
  10. Earnshaws Chronometer Escapement
  11. Harrison M. Frodsham A Transcription of "Some Material for a Résumé of Remontoires" from 1877 Horological Journal BHI, courtesey of David MacMillen
  12. Women Clockmakers, by Don Lathop, Clockworkhistorian, USA, Pa
  13. Chronology of Watch developments by Paranav Singh, courtesey of Mike Murray
  14. A Study of the French Watch and Clock Industry (in French)
  15. "Vie Quotidienne et memoire collective en pays horloger", a oral history thesis at the univeristy of Generva, describing the life of country watchmakers in Switzerland (in French)
  16. A Page of pre-1700 clocks, courtesey of DMS Goldsmith
  17. Le pendule de Foucault (in French)
  18. List of the 79 most used Watch Calibers
  19. The History of Watchmaking, courtesey of Okmulgee University
  20. History of Railroad Watches
  21. Homepage of Lathrop, Donn (Clockworkhistorian) USA, Pa
  22. Poincon de Geneve (Geneva Hallmark) for Watches, Example
  23. Geschichte der Uhr (History of Horology, in German) by Schmuckecke St.Augustin

History of Specific Brands or Makers:

  1. Bailey, Philias, Vermont by Don Lathop, Clockworkhistorian, USA, Pa
  2. Breguet, Abraham Louis: Historic Watch has surfaced
  3. Congreve, William: Inventor of a rolling ball clockUK 1808 (The Patent)
  4. Colonial Manufacturing Co, Zealand MI
  5. Dewey, Hiram Todd* 1816, Ohio, USA, by Don Lathop, Clockworkhistorian, USA, Pa
  6. French Clocks Indentification guide (by Kerri Ramussen)
  7. Hebdomas , history of the brand, La Chaux de Fonds , Switzerland
  8. Roberts, CandaceDialpainter, * 1785, CT, USA , by Don Lathop, Clockworkhistorian, USA, Pa
  9. Hamilton (Interview with John Gelson, ex President Hamilton Watch Co.)
  10. Huygens, Christian, Inventor of the Pendulum Clock (A Biography)
  11. Juergensen Watches (Denmark and Switzerland) , by Hermann Sacher
  12. History of Timex,
  13. History of Ulysse Nardin, Brand, Le Locle Switzerland
  14. a
  15. ** See also general weblinks on specific Brand or Maker of Timepieces

Related Items:

  1. Berthouds 1759 Book on clocks and watches (full text online, in German)
  2. Horological Oddities from Lathrop, Donn (Clockworkhistorian) USA, Pa
  3. Listing of Hallmarks, for dating all british precious metal cases.
  4. Meister der Uhrmacherkunst: (In German) A list of the most eminent horologists of all time
  5. Geschichte der Uhrentechnik (in GERMAN) (by Schmuckecke St.Augustin)
  6. Home page for History of Astronomy
  7. Astrolab page (Astrolabs predate clocks in the history of timekeeping)
  8. Index to global Sundial pages
  9. History of Music Boxes
  10. List of Horological Museums

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