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Horology is the Science of Time, Timekeepers (Clocks, Watches) and Timekeeping

Internet Resources regarding Horological Suppliers:

  1. Broad Based Horological Supply Houses (Parts, Tools, Consumables):
    1. Australia: Western Australia: Woodvale: The Clocks Box, specialising in Quarz movements and accessories
    2. Denmark: Lindholt's Fourniturehandel
    3. Germany: , D78647 Trossingen: Selva Uhrentechnik
    4. Switzerland: Le Locle: Bergeon - The world's leading supplier of horological tools
    5. Switzerland: Selva Uhren, MArly bei Freiburg
    6. UK: Cousins Material House, Romford, Essex
    7. UK: Meadows & Passmore, Cowborough, East Sussex
    8. UK:Kent: Orpington, Southerns (e-mail)
    9. USA: S.LaRose, Greensboro NC
    10. USA: Merritts , Douglasville Pa.,
    11. USA: CA: Chula Vista: Norkro
    12. USA: The PM Company, Watch and Clock materials, wide dselection of dials and chains.
    13. USA: Timesavers, Scottsdale AZ
  2. Clock Parts Suppliers
    1. ** Mike's list: Clock Parts Suppliers
    2. Case Components for Ithaca Calendar ClocksJoel Warren , Tel:607-277-3100, Jacksonville N.Y.
    3. India: CambridgeTime Spares
    4. Switzerland: Schwab-Feller Ldt. Watch and clock springs in stainless steel
    5. UK: Pledge &Aldworth, Engine Turners to the trade
    6. UK: Shefield: J.M.W. Clocks (no internet) +41-742-745 693
    7. UK: Charles Greville &Co.
    8. USA: Horolovar, Specialist in supplying components for 400 day torsion pendulum clocks, St.Claire Shores, MI, e-mail contact
    9. USA: Ohio: Atwater: Tani Engineering (CUSTOM made mainsprings), tel 330-947 2268
    10. USA: MN: Mound: Turncraft, wooden Clock parts and clock kits
    11. USA: R&M Imports (Randy Thatcher), e-mail contact
    12. USA: Maryland: Wheel and Pinion Cutting: Councell Rodney
    13. USA: Chronometer Boxes: Ships Clock Cabinetry
    14. Supplier of Mercury vials for clock pendulums: Norkro Clock Co.
    15. Su

  3. Watch Parts Suppliers:
    1. Austria: Klagenfurt: Hermann Hirsch, the worlds leading manufacturer of Watch Bracelets
    2. Germany: Pforzheim: Ickler , Watchcase factory
    3. Hong Kong: ETA Sales Division
    4. Switzerland: Grenchen: ETA Watch Movemensts and parts for ETA movements
    5. Switzerland: EM Microelectronic Marin SA Microelectronic Components to the Watch Industry, Division of SMH
    6. Switzerland: ** List of Suppliers:Horological Components
    7. UK: Sussex: CD-ROM of available watchparts by Chealwatch
    8. United Kingdom: Seiko/Pulsar MAterials: K.H.H.Servives kkhservices@btinternet.com
    9. USA: WA: Seatle: TMP Company, a broad based watch repair resource. Includes DOWNLOADABLE CATALOGE
    10. USA: Supplier of custom sized Jewel Bearings: MICROLAP
    11. RMB Co. ,(Switzerland) Supplier of micromotors to the watch Industry
    12. ** Mike's list:Watch Parts Suppliers
  4. Jewelers Supplies:

  5. Suppliers of Horological Tools and Machinery
    1. (Also try broad based suppliers listed above)
    2. Horological Tools
      1. Switzerland: La Chaux de Fonds: Albert Froideveaux.Horological tools
      2. Switzerland: Le Locle: Bergeon
      3. Switzerland: ** List of Tool Supliers to the horological trades
      4. Germany: Stetefeld Design: Accessories for the Watch Collector
      5. Switzerland: Witschi Electronics AG, Watch Timing Machines Bueren, Switzerland. The world leader in professional grade watch testing equipment (quarz and mechanical)
      6. USA: WW Collets (Starett Brand) all sizes in stockContact: David Eiman
      7. USA: Timetrax Timing Machines: Adams Brown NJ USA
      8. USA: Mircoset Clock TImer (Brian Mumford)
      9. USA: Witschi Watch Timing Machines 303 E. Broad St. Palmyra, N.J. 08065, Tel. 1-800-882-7977, Fax. 1-856-829-2266
      10. USA: Test Stand for Clocks, by Robert Olson, Lake George NY, USA
      11. USA: Quarz Watch Test Equipment, by Instratec (USA: Florida: JAcksonville)
      12. USA: Weight Carriers and Weight Lifters Dean BullUSA: MI: Traverse City
    3. Lathes, Mills etc for the Clock and Watchmaker
      1. UK: cowells Engineering Supplies Ldt, small lathes, etc
      2. USA: Levin Lathes Precision Lathes and Acessories
      3. USA: Sherline Lathes and Milling Machines for the Hobbyist and Clockmaker
      4. Bay Com, the Diamond Tool holder
    4. Horological Wheel Cutters etc:
      1. Hank Hirschman, Titusville NJ (also Indexing plates)

  6. Oils &Lubricants for the Horologist:
    1. Moebius Oilsby Cousins Material House (UK)
  7. Suppliers of OEM Components to the Horological Manufacturers:
    1. Germany: Pforzheim: Mathhias Seitz (Watch Cases)
    2. Germany: Pforzheim: Hermann Staib (Watch Bracelets)
    3. Germany: Pforzheim:Vogel & Dangelmaier(Watch Hands)
    4. Germany: Pforzheim: MW Winkler (Jelweled Watchcases)
    5. Switzerland: Subminiature Ballbearings: RMB SA, Biel
  8. Suppliers of Horological Specialties:
    1. Cases and Caseparts, Dials:
      1. USA: MN: Mound: Turncraft, wooden Clock parts and clock kits
      2. USA: MN: Excelsior: Kuempels Clocks
      3. USA: Texas: Custom designed high quality unique cases:Camcraft 3-d wood designs
      4. USA: Chronometer Boxes: Ships Clock Cabinetry
      5. Reproduction Porcelain Dials made to Order: Professional Clockery, Ohio, USA
      6. Round and Oval Glass Domes (Ben Bowen) USA: FL: Monticello
      7. ** Mike's list:Dial refinishers
      8. ** Mike's list:Glass Domes Suppliers
      9. ** Mike's list:Clock Glass and Watch Crystal Suppliers
    2. Movements and Movement Parts:
      1. Clock Movement Kits:
        1. Switzerland: Pendules Selva SA, PF 333, CH 1723 Marly - Fribourg, Tel. +41-37-46 10 20, Fax +41-37-46 57 68
        2. UK: Classic Clock Kits Contact:Tony Fox
        3. UK: Devon Clock Kits, Albion Hil, Exmouth, Devon. EX8 1JS
        4. USA: WI: Lake Geneva: Klockit
      2. USA: MN: Excelsior: Kuempels Clocks
      3. 400 Day clock Parts: Horolovar Company, USA: Horolovar, Specialist in supplying components for 400 day torsion pendulum clocks, St.Claire Shores, MI, horolovar@juno.com
      4. ** Mike's list:Clock Movement Manufacturers
    3. Wheels and Pinions cut to order:
      1. John R. Pierson, USA, California
  9. Suppliers in related fields:
    1. Metal Buyers Mart (small qualtities)
    2. Brownells of Montezuma Iowa tel.515-623 5401, specialises in gunsmithing tools and suplies, but is a good source for hard to find dimensions in spring steel, specialty brazing and welding materials etc for the horolgist
    3. ** Mike's list:Other Suppliers usefull to Horologists

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