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Horology is the Science of Time, Timekeepers ( Clocks and Watches ) and Timekeeping

Internet Resources on Educational Org.:

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  1. Schools & Courses:
    1. Australia: Directory of Courses for Watch and Clock Repair
    2. Australia: Melbourne: Australian Watchmaking School (WOSTEP certified) Contact: Presser, Michael Instructor
    3. Austria: Karlstein, Niederoesterreich: Uhrmacherschule
    4. Canada: Montreal: Institut de Horlogerier et de Bijouterie du Canada (IHB)
    5. Canada: Trois Riviers, Quebec: The National Watchmaking School tel. 819-691 3366 , Fax 819-379 6928.
    6. Denmark: Ringsted: Urmagersskolen
    7. Finland: Kelloseppakoulu (ajacent there is also the Finish Clock and Watchmuseum)
    8. Germany: Frankfurt: Hessische Uhrmacherschule Tel +49-69-59 1041
    9. Germany: Furtwangen: Fachhochschule, Fachbereich Zeitmessung
    10. Germany: Villingen/Schwenningen; Staatliche Feintechnikschule, Mr. Werer Bogenschuetz, Director
    11. Germany: NRW: Landesinnungsverband: UHRMACHER
    12. Germany: Wuerzburg: Bayerische Meisterschle fuer das Uhrenhandwerk
    13. Ireland: Institute of Horology , Wostep 2 course
    14. Switzerland: Lausanne, VD: Centre Formation Horloger (Management and Marketing Courses)
    15. Switzerland: Le Locle EICN (Ecole d'Ingenieurs du Canton de Neuchatel) Formation d'ingénieurs en construction horlogère HES-SO , also runs the Center of Competence in Design and Technology in Horology
    16. Switzerland: Technicum La-Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland). Courses for:
    17. Switzerland: Technikum Grenchen-Solothurn (Switzerland)
    18. Switzerland; Uhrmacherschule Solothurn
    19. Switzerland: WOSTEP (Switzerland): Neuchatel, Tel. +41-32-729 00 30, Fax. +41-32-729 00 35, e-mail: wostep@swissonline.ch
    20. UK: British Horological Institute - BHI, Upton, Newark
    21. UK: Manchester City College, Horology and Watch Course, Advanced (WOSTEP) Horology.
    22. UK: West Dean College (One and two year course in clock retauration)
    23. UK: ** BHI's list of British Colleges teaching Horology(UK)
    24. USA: CA: Los Angeles: Wilson Lincoln Community Adult School, Robert Diltz (818-842 5420)
    25. USA: CA: City College of San Francisco: Watch Repair Training. Lawrence Bernard, tel. 415-731 o621
    26. USA: FL: Boca Raton: Atlantic University: Clock Class (Contact Joe C.Cohen at 954-561 2234
    27. USA: FL: Winter Park: Winter Park Tech, Clock and Watch Repair Program, Contact: Ken Pell, Instructor
    28. USA: IL: Quincy: Gem City College, School of Horology
    29. USA: MN: Minneapolis: USA: St. Paul Technical College, contact: Juaire, Joe Instructor in Horology,
    30. USA: NY:Joseph Bulova School, 40-24 62nd Street Woodside, NY tel.718-424 2929, (Watch repair only)
    31. USA: NY: Long Island: David Goodmans' Clock Repair Courses, taught at the local chapter of the NAWCC: Info
    32. USA: OH:American Watchmakers Institut : Academy of Watchmaking - AWI . Offers many specialised courses throughout the country.
    33. USA: OK: Okmulgee: Watch and Micro Instrumentation Repair Courses at Oklahoma State University, "Assiciate in Applied Science" Degree, 88 credit hours. Wit Jarochowski Instructor (918)756 6211 x499
    34. USA: OK: Okmulgee: Advanced Watchrepair Programm (WOSTEP Curriculum, 6 semesters, 3000 hours) at Oklahoma State University, Wit Jarochowski Instructor (918)756 6211 x499
    35. USA: PA: Columbia National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors - School of Horology- NAWCC (Watch and Clock courses)
    36. USA: TX: Kilgore: Kilgore College, Watchmaking Dept, Contact: Toby Witherspoon
    37. USA: TX: Paris: Paris Junior College , School of Horology (a WOSTEP course) Course Info
    38. USA: WA: Tacoma: Bates Techncal College, 206-596 1577
    39. USA: WA: Seattle, WA. North Seattle Comunity College, Clock and Watch Technology Programm.(WOSTEP curriculum) tel. 206-527 3664
    40. USA: WI: Milwaukee: Milwaukee Area Technical College, (Mike Dempsey, Instructor Tel. 414-297 6600)
    41. USA: List of USA based Watchrepair schools recognised by AWI
    42. ** List of Horological Schools (USA) (Mike Murray Archives)

  2. Correspondence and Video Courses:
    1. UK and USA: Laurie Penmans's Correspondence Course in Clock repair, US`Agent: Steven Conover or in UK direcly from Laurie Penman
    2. USA: NC: Michael Liza Corrspondence couse in CLOCK repair only, tel 910 - 667 4245
    3. USA: NH: Dover: Harvey Noel Watch Repair Videos
    4. USA: CA: Bob Tascione's Video based correspondence Course in Pocket Watch Repair, Tel. 1-800-853 6553
    5. USA: SC: School of Clock Repair , Awendaw SC 29429, tel. 1-803-928 3489
    6. USA: Bill Smiths Clockmaking How-to Videos: c/o Gateway Clocks, 7936 Camberley Dr.,Powell, TN 37849Contact: W. Smith
    7. UK: BHI Correspondence Course
  3. Educational Organizations in related Fields:
    1. Switzerland: L'Institut l'homme et le temps Institute of Man and Time , La Chaux de Fonds
    2. United Kingdom: Royal Greewich Observatory
    3. 350 Lehrlingsfragen 350 Test questions for Watchmaker Appretices, in German (with Answers) 1998

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