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Horology is the Science of Time, Timekeepers (Clocks, Watches) and Timekeeping

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  1. Publishers of Horological Books
    1. Germany: Callwey Verlag, Muenchen
    2. Germany: Duisburg: Uhren Info Verlag Wolfgang Salm, publisher of brand specific price guides for wristwatches
    3. Switzerland: Geneva: Antiquorum:
    4. Switzerland: Neuchatel, Editions Antoine Simonin,Fax. +41 (32) 729 00 35, Tel. +41 (32) 729 00 39,Adr: Rue des Saars 99, CH2000 Neuchatel , Switzerland
    5. Switzerland: Editions Scriptar, Lausanne
    6. UK: Antiquarian Horological Society: Publications
    7. UK: Sussex: Cheal WATCH publishes a CD-ROM of available watchparts
    8. UK: Mayfield Books, a horological bookpublisher (mainly on regional british clockmaking issues)
    9. UK: John Wilding Publications, c/o Meridian Clocks, Petworth, Sussex
    10. USA: AWI,Ohio
    11. USA: ClockWorks Press, California
    12. USA: FL: Hawthorne: Theodore R.Crom (Publisher and seller of specialised horological books on horological tools) Adr: 131 Shore Side Trail
    13. USA: CA: Scanlon American Reprints Co., Modesto Ca 95353
    14. USA: Pa.:Clockmakers Newsletter, , published by Steven G. Conover, also Publisher of hands-on "how-to" books for clock repairers and clock restorers
    15. USA: W.R. Smith, c/o Gateway Clocks, 7936 Camberley Dr.,Powell, TN 37849Contact: W. Smith,published workshop manuals, also "how-to" videos for clockmakers
    16. USA: MO: Kansas City: Heart of America Press, publishes horological priceguides
    17. USA: OH: American Watch- and Clockmakers Institute
    18. ** Gorden's List of Bookpublishers

  2. Horological Booksellers:
    1. Internet: Horology Page of The Tias Online Bookstore
    2. DK: K.E. Skaftem, DK-4800 Nykobing
    3. Germany: Estenfeld: Gisela Gottschalk, Antiquarian Bookseller, Cpoy of her booklist at Michael Sterns Site.
    4. .... Giseala Gotschalks own website,D-97230 Estenfeld, TEL.+49-9305-8269. Fax: +49-9305-1742
    5. Switzerland: Biel BE: Editions du Sablier,Fax. +41-32-365 4018, Case Postal 8537, Ch2500 Biel
    6. Switzerland: Neuchatel, Antoine Simonin,Fax. +41 (32) 729 00 35, Tel. +41 (32) 729 00 39, Rue des Saars 99, CH2000 Neuchatel
    7. UK: Jeffrey Formby, Moreton in Marsh
    8. UK: London: Roger Turner Books Contact(22 Nelson Rd,Greewich London SE109JB Tel. +44-181-853 5217) special cataloge: Measurment of Time
    9. UK: Clock and Watchbook Page of Antique Collectors Club
    10. UK: Lanc: Salford: Harry &Helena Orenstein,Contact
    11. UK: TEE Publishing: Leamington Spa
    12. UK: G. K. Hadfield, Swadlincoat, Derbyshire, tel 01827-373 466
    13. UK: Rita Shenton Twickenham . Middlesex
    14. USA: CA: ClockWorks Press,
    15. USA: CA: Scanlon American Reprints Co., Modesto Ca 95353
    16. USA: CA: Jeff Weber Rare Horological Books, tel. 818-848 9704 Contact
    17. USA: FL: Hawthorne: Theodore R.Crom (Pulisher and seller of specialised horological books) Adr: 131 Shore Side Trail
    18. USA: IL: Chicago: Windy City Watches Horological Bookstore
    19. USA: NJ: Adams Brown Co, Cranburry, NJ 08512
    20. USA: NY: New York City: Jonathan Snellenburg
    21. USA: NY: Ron Hoyt, Glen Cove 11542 NY, tel. 516-676 5653
    22. USA: NY: Wappinger Falls: Art Book Services Clock and Watch Books (US Reps for Antiques Collectors Club)
    23. USA: TN: W.R. Smith, c/o Gateway Clocks, 7936 Camberley Dr.,Powell, TN 37849Contact: W. Smith,USA RESELLER FOR JOHN WILDINGS WORKSHOP MANUALS FOR CLOCKMAKERS
    24. USA: TX: US Books,A horological mailorder bookstore, Cedar Park TX, Tel. 512-335 7701
    25. USA: VA: Arlington Book Co.Tran Duy Ly, Fairfax VA 22031, 703-280 2005
    26. USA: CA: Jeff Weber (Antiquarian Booksseller)818-848 9704
    27. **Gordon's List of Booksellers

  3. Horological Books online:
    1. Aireys 1827 paper to the Cambridge Philosophical Society on Escapements (text only, formulas missing) Courtesey of Gordon Uber
    2. Berthoud, Ferdinand: Die Kunst mit Pendel und Taschenuhren umzugehen und sie zu reglieren
    3. Stokes, George G., "On the Effect of the Internal Friction of Fluids on the Motion of Pendulums" 1850, Cambridge Philosophical Society. Full text in Adobe PDF format, downloadable (not readable with HTML browser alone),, courtesy of Gordon Uber
  4. Horological Bibliographies & Booklists:
    1. Bibliography on Network Time Synchronisation
    2. Books in Print (Horological books by subject category)
    3. German Booklist (800 titels) by Gisela Gottschalk,
    4. Ron Schorr's Booklist Compiled by the Horology maillist.
    5. Bookreviews of new horological Books
    6. Electrical Clocks (a modest bibliography)
    7. Switzerland: A Swiss Horological Bookpage
    8. Chris Heals's horological booklist
    9. Reference Books on Orrereys, Astrolabs and Sundials , from The Gemmary
  5. Horological Directories and Reference Books:
    1. CD-ROM by Michael Stern (1999): DAS FLUME BUCH 1887-1937, DAS HAUS DES UHRMACHERS, Jubiläumsausgabe, selten gut erhalten zu bekommen 16+516 + 244 S., 2 Bände in einem, unzählige Abb., 32 x 24 cm, Ganzleinen, Berlin 1937.
    2. Watches , Vol 3 (1997)or: A comprehensive catalog of the world's most prestigious watches, Annual, first published 1994, by World Watch Publishing Inc, New York, Tel.212-339 9743 or 800-928 2494. about 350 pages, full color. (Italian Edition by Editoriale Tourbillon, Rome).
    3. "Lexique du Génie Horloger" Il existe en trois versions, chacune de trois langues ensemble: 1. Français-Deutsch-English 2. Français-Espagnol-Italiano 3. Chinese-English-Japanese. CHF 29.-, Contact:. dimitris xanthos
    4. Sonnenuhren - Deutschland & Schweiz, A reference work/catalogue (in German)
    5. Register of Sundials in North-America, First Edition 1996, info from F.W.Sawyer
  6. Bookreviews: (and pages describing specific books)
    1. Craven, Maxwel: John Whitehurst of Derby
    2. Crom, Theodore: Horological Shop Tools The most comprehensive book on antique watch and clockmaking tools
    3. Dohrn-van-Rossum: History of the hour (Die Geschichte der Stunde)
    4. Edwardes, Ernest Dutch Clocks and their Japanese Connection
    5. Headrick, Mark Clock and Watch Escapement Mechanics A self published book on novel and unconventional ways how to design and construct an escapement with optimal friction characteristics and optimizing escapement angles
    6. Knirim, Konrad Military Timepieces
    7. Ly, Tran Duy: Horological Price Guides (Reviews)
    8. Oechslin, LudwigAstronomische Uhren und Welt Modelle der Priestermechaniker im 18. Jahrhundert(Bookreview in English)
    9. Ord, Hume , A.The Music Box, 1996, as reviewed in Antiquarian Horology
    10. Ord-Hume, Arthur: Restoring Musical Boxes and Musical Clocks
    11. Ord-Hume, Arthur: Restoring Musical Boxes and Musical Clocks
    12. Ord-Hume, Arthur: The Musical Clock
    13. Patrizzi, Osvaldo Collecting Rolex Watches
    14. Pierson, Michael: Kent Clocks
    15. Pritchard, Kathleen Swiss Timepiece Makers, 1775-1975, order here
    16. Shendon, Alan19th and 20th Century Pocket Watches
    17. Smith, William R>Graver Making and Hand Turning, a Videotaped lesson, reviewed by John Losch
    18. Woodward, Philip My Own Right Time, a first person account on designing and building ever more precise clocks, by one of the most insightfull horological scientists of our times.
    19. New Horological Books
    20. European Clocks in The J. Paul Getty Museum
    21. Gordon Uber's Bookreviews of new horological Books

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