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Wooden Sculpture Clock

TORSION Pendulum, DOUBLE DISK Escapement

by Jim Borden , Zumbrota MN (USA)

This is a one of a kind clock sculptured by woodworking artist Jim Borden of Zumbrota, Minnesota. All mechanisms made from wod. About five feet tall. Torsion pendulum, double disk escapement. Weight driven (Battery driven rewind through limit switches). Escape wheel also carries "second hand".

BordenClock Overall
Overall view. The Rotating (Torsion) Pendulum includes the root shaped thing hanging from the left from the horizontal round bar, that bar, threaded through the daggerlike thing on the right, and the central stake (in the axis of rotation of the torsion pendulum) carrying the two escapement disks. It hangs from two vertical silk threads attached to the clockframe.

left movement view ............overall right view of movementescapement
Movement from the left ------------------ Overall view of movement from right (Escapement in foreground).

Escape wheel ...... detent detail
Escape Discs from front............................................................................Escapement from the back
........overall movement view
Overall Movement view

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